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Every wanted to learn options trading, but ended up feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed? You're not alone!

When budding traders catch wind of how options can help them trade in all directions of the market AND have them pay a lot less then stock traders do, they are floored! So they begin their educational search and then...


....They get BOMBARDED with an overload of information found on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc, and one thing is for certain. It's so CONFUSING!

I am GLAD you are here! Because I have been a  teacher for the past 6 years, I was able to  break down the concept of basic options trading into bite sized pieces easy to understand.

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Options trading is a whole other world

is it worth learning it? ABSOLUTELY!

 Options trading is a whole other world filled with an entire language of its own. From learning about the basics of support and resistance, to learning about Delta, Theta , Bid, Ask and spreads!  This website is designed to help REACH those who want to learn how to trade basic options, but don't know where to start. 

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That is what we are here for. We will be putting up option strategies for beginners as well as  videos for you guys!

We know how important a good education is. It is IMPERATIVE that you get a good solid trading education. Don't wander around in the trading desert like Moses did (well...not exactly) for 40 years!

We want you to stay focused. Pick a group and grow with them if you feel that they provide value! 

Make yourself at home!

On this site, depending on your level, you will find things like the difference between stocks and options, understanding the difference between a call and put. How Delta works when buying options , basic options strategies and so much more! So...


Have a look around and Enjoy yourself. Don't forget to join our members only group  up above! And message me with anything that you'd like to see up on this page.